September 15, 2010

Our New Vanilla Paste

We are proud to introduce our newest and most authentic flavoring, J-Forte Vanilla Paste. This is the perfect companion for every pastry chef. The J-Forte Vanilla Paste has a thick consistency loaded with real vanilla beans in every drop. It gives an authentic look to your baked custards, ice cream and other desserts. It is made with beans from Bourbon Madagascar, the world’s largest producer of the vanilla orchid itself. The sweet scent and the unmatched flavor of an authentic vanilla bean does not evaporate upon application of heat to the vanilla paste. Made by vanilla experts from Japan, the J-Forte Vanilla Paste is sterilized for you and your client’s safety. To top it all off, not only will you have the convenience of having your beans in an easy, pourable form, but it also significantly costs less than purchasing the bean itself. The amount of seeds found in a vanilla bean is equivalent to just four (4) grams of the paste.