January 24, 2012

Good News for Caterers - January (3/3)

Here is an easy way to prepare top notch desserts in no time! Many catering companies spend too much time focusing on entrees and main courses to the point that desserts are getting compromised.

Give your clients a great dessert and they'll remember your catering company on their next big event.

January 6, 2012

Quality and Convenience for the Cake Maker - January (2/3)

This Newsletter is perfect for cake suppliers and caterers. Find out how Sonlie products can be able to make your production much easier, yet maintain an outstanding quality product.

January 2, 2012

Easier Sheeting and Processing - January (1/3)

Here is the very first 2012 newsletter! Learn more about making life simpler in production bakeries. In this article, we have featured the pizza dough and how its production can be made simpler by using the right ingredients and materials.

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