October 1, 2009

Vases of Luck and Pavo Mehndi

I was at the launching of the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines at Enderun College in the Fort, Taguig just last week. If you haven't heard of them, the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines or PAP, is an organization of chefs, suppliers, or simply anyone in the baking/food industry which started last November 2008. Less than a year later, their talented cast of chefs have already placed the Philippines on the map with eight medals won in Hong Kong just this May.

There were two items displayed which are definite eye catchers that night. These were the ones entered in their latest pastry competition just early this month in Bangkok, Thailand. The Vases of Luck and the Pavo Mehndi. Fortunately, both were brought back home in one piece.

Vases of Luck

This vase not only has luck, but also talent screaming out loud. The creator, none other than the well known cake designer Penk Ching, made the Vases of Luck using only gum paste (yes it's edible... or was). It was showcased in the 'Pastry Showpiece' event which earned her a silver medal.

The vase had intricate details all over.

One of its most interesting features is the black vase hidden inside. Yes, a vase inside another one! To add to that, the inner vase can actually be rotated. It is food, art and engineering all combined to make one masterpiece! I was really tempted to give it a spin. :)

Pavo Mehndi

The Pavo Mehndi is an Indian inspired cake, with the peacock as the country's national bird. It is made by none other than Chef Peachy Juban, who currently teaches at the College of St. Benilde's School for Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management. The very likable chef entered it in the event "Dress the Cake" where she had only two hours to finish it. The most challenging part is that only the cake base itself was allowed to be pre-made prior to the event. Molding, applying of colors, and making the frosting itself had to be done right then and there in two hours time. With no entry awarded with a gold or a silver, its bronze medal shows that it is in fact, the best dressed cake in the event.

Once again, detail played a key factor in making this entry truly one of a kind.

Without a doubt, this is just the start of a great journey ahead for the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines. So I'm giving the countries out there a fair warning, we'll conquer Asia first, and then the world! Mabuhay ang pinoy! :)

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