October 10, 2009

The Biggest Bakery Show in the World (Part 1)

Dusseldorf, Germany - Every three years, thousands of people gather in Germany to acquaint themselves with the newest trends and innovations in the world of baking. "Iba", the leading international trade fair for bakery and confectionery trade, was held for a whole week early this month.

There were over a thousand exhibitors from all over the globe who used this golden opportunity to showcase their newest products. The iba occupied nine of the seventeen interconnected event areas with each one similar to the size of the World Trade Center in Pasay City, one of the country's biggest exhibition halls today.

Being there for the first time since I entered the baking industry, I was amazed with the size of the venue, the number of people who attended, and of course, the beautiful showcases of products by the exhibitors.

I was curious on how our suppliers were doing, so I made it a point to see them on the very first day of my visit in the expo. My first stop was Demarle, I knew that my eyes were in for a treat. So I was wondering, with the talented cast of chefs who work hand in hand with them, what mouth-watering treats could they have in display?

Here are some of the pastries in their showcase:

What a surprise! Pascal Tepper, who demonstrated in the Sonlie Baking Center this June, was there making the display.

Next stop, Martin Braun. With their wide range of premixes, my expectations from them were quite high. Sure enough, they didn't let me down with these pastries in their showcase:

I hope you didn't view the pictures with an empty stomach. :)

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Anonymous said...

Looking at these pictures makes me more hungry! now im craving cakes from BIZU!!!