January 15, 2010

My Take on Danish Pastries

I was so amazed with the great looking danish pastries I encountered in my trips abroad that I decided to try making some myself. I tried doing it without the help of a sheeting machine to give me an extra challenge (and because it's broken). All you need is the good old rolling pin and a week's worth of workout.

Bread Flour - 400 grams
Soft Flour - 100 grams
Water (with ice) - 225 grams
Eggs - 50 grams
Milk Powder - 20 grams
Butter - 30 grams
Salt - 8 grams
Saf Instant Yeast - 8 grams
Magimix Green (bread improver) - 2 grams

Butter (set aside) - 225 grams

The butter set aside is to be placed inside the dough, to be sheeted so that the pastry could attain its flakiness.

After folding, freezing, sheeting for a couple of times, it will be ready to be cut/shaped (easier said than done).

I had to bake it at a high temperature at the beginning to make sure that all the butter gets evaporated quickly for flaky texture. Around 200 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes, then 170 degrees for another 10.

The pastries look almost done just 5 minutes in the oven, but it will still take a while to get it baked all the way inside the dough.

The results:

The Pinwheel, a classic shape for danish pastries

and a less traditional triangle-like shape.

At least there were two that came out okay. :)

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