August 9, 2010

Great Pastry Demos

For the longest time, I wanted to share these videos which demonstrate the uses and the advantages of the non-stick baking pans/moulds from Demarle. The company's talented chefs show that making great looking pastries isn't so hard after all!

The Flexipan is the signature brand for non-stick baking moulds of Demarle. They may come at a high price, but people who are aware of its advantages find it reasonable.

Flexipan Demo

The first segment shows constructing mini cakes using the Flexipan. The fact that a particular mould can be used to make a filling or 'insert' of another larger one shows their expertise in developing many uses for Demarle's wide range of products.

The chef doing the demo is none other than Stephane Glacier. He is a celebrated patissier in France, having won a Gold medal in 2006 as the coach of the French team in the world pastry championship held in Phoenix. Chef Stephane had also written several books on pastry and is a technical consultant for various pastry schools and companies.

Relief Mat Demo

The Relief mat is a unique cousin of the Flexipan. The flat surface makes its detailed design perfect to line the sides of round cakes.

An alternative way of using the Relief mat is by using a stainless steel frame (also from Demarle) and build your cake in it - having the design on top of the cake (take a look at 2:28).

Silform Demo

For artisans out there who want their breads to have a consistent perfect shape, the Silform is the best non-stick baking mould you can find. Heat easily penetrates through the mat and goes straight to the dough.

The chef doing the demo in this video is Pascal Tepper. Just like chef Stephane, he is an awardee of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (M.O.F.). It is an award given in France to recognize outstanding people in the different professions. Chef Pascal got awarded with an M.O.F. in the field of bakery.

He also made a live baking demo in the Sonlie Building on 2009.

Flexipat Demo

The Flexipat is the ultimate tool needed for making layered cakes. Use the Flexipat for making layered cakes.

Silform - Tarts Demo

One of the most frustrating things in making tart shells is having to get the pie crust out of the mould. Especially for the ones with ridged edges, you tend to spend a lot of time forcing the crust out of a piping hot stainless steel mould.

The Silform's unique design makes it very simple to bake tart shells. Unmoulding? It's now a thing of the past.

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