March 15, 2010

Journey Flexipan

Demarle, the company that produces one of the most sought after non-stick baking moulds in the world today, showed me awesome ways of appreciating their products. I spent a few days in Tokyo making delicious, not to mention great-looking pastries with Demarle's Kiwamu Kamimura.

Almond Cake

Using the Ingots with a cavity mold, we made this extremely soft (and I couldn't stress that enough) almond cake. Using simple ingredients, enriched with a load of ground almonds, the result was this amazing cake.

Island Coconut

A fusion of the Philippines and French pastry in a cake. The Island Coconut consists of a coconut dacquoise base, a coconut mousse with a slight hint of rum, with a mango and passion fruit puree filling. We used the Savarin mould, Ingots with a cavity mold and the Half-Sphere mold in making this sweet and tart dessert.

Lemon Strawberry Delight

This cake consists of an almond dacquoise with strawberry jam for its base, filled with lemon light cream filling. We used the ever reliable Silpat to make a yellow jaconde sponge as the cake's border.

A compact version of the Lemon Strawberry Delight

One thing that makes Flexipans so exciting is the different pastries and cakes you can make with just one base recipe.

This chocolate mousse cake consists of a biscuit chocolat base, creme brulee filling topped with chocolate mousse and a chocolate glaze. The chocolate mousse and creme brulee gives the cake a creamy filling just right to contrast the sponge-like biscuit chocolat. Good thing i still got to save this slice for pictures. :)

Here are some variations of a chocolate mousse cake:

This is a chocolate cigarette dough topped with a jaconde sponge on a Relief mat (Dome).

Placed around this round chocolate mousse cake.

The same chocolate mousse placed on a Rosette shaped Relief mat.

Savarin Saphir mould

The Savarin Saphirs being coated with chocolate spray.

Some other pastries we made...

Chocolate Tarts

A rich chocolate cream filling with chocolate glaze on top, placed inside a tart shell baked in a Square Flexipan mould.

Dacquoise Tartlette

A dacquoise base with diplomat cream and fresh strawberries. We used Flexipan Rounds to get the 'elevated' edge effect.

Matcha Cake

This one is my personal favorite. A matcha green tea cake baked in a Flexipan Cakes mould. It looks simple yet appetizing.

My thanks to Demarle's Kiwamu Kamimura for giving me an excellent culinary adventure in Tokyo! :)


Evelyn said...

Wow! I wish i could have gone to Tokyo with you! All this is fascinating. Demarle does have many molds that just make spectacular desserts.

Sonlie International Inc. said...

The Tokyo experience was truly fantastic! Even the few extra pounds I gained was worth it! ;)