November 21, 2008

RECIPE: Donuts

Sonlie Team Donut

Bread flour 70% 350g
Soft flour 30% 150g
Sugar 10% 50g
Salt 1.5% 7g
Milk powder 5% 25g
Corn starch 3% 15g
Eggs 10% 50g
Baking powder 4% 20g
Margarine 10% 50g
Saf-Instant Yeast 1.2% 6g
Magimix Yellow (bread improver) 0.4% 2g
Water 46% 230g

Mix all dry ingredients except yeast together with the margarine. Add the yeast then put eggs and water. Mix until semi-smooth or underdeveloped. Ferment for 45 minutes. Cut to sizes (10g, 20g, 30g) and form into desired shapes. Proof for 45 minutes then fry at 175ÂșC for 35 seconds each side. Let cool then decorate and/or fill as you wish.

Toffee Glaze

Bianka MB 200g
Molasses 10g
Fresh milk 40g
Fondant powder 40g

Mix until smooth. Warm before using.

Sugar Syrup

Sugar 150g
Water 75g

Mix until fully dissolved. Add vanilla to taste.

Sugar Glaze

Fondant powder 100g
Warm water 25g

Mix until smooth.

Cinnamon Sugar

Sugar 150g
Cinnamon 4g


Nova Cream

Nova powder/Custard powder 100g
Fresh milk 300g

Mix until smooth.

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