November 26, 2008

PRODUCT: Flexipan

Flexipan is a combination of silicone and fiberglass designed for food use. This unique combination gives Flexipan unequalled strength and durability, combined with exceptional non-stick properties.
Available in various shapes and designs.

Using Flexipan:

Place your Flexipan on the perforated baking sheet or grid before filling it to facilitate transport to the oven or freezer. If some of the indents are empty, you are advised to fill them with water. If not, the indents could lose their non-stick properties.

The Flexipan can be used in any oven, ventilated or deck oven.

Depending on the product, unmoulding is easily made either by bending the mould around the frozen products (mousses of creme brulee) or the gelified products, or by turning the mould upside down for baked products.

To clean, simply soak the mould in soapy water using a non abrasive sponge and a non aggressive detergent.
After washing, placing the Flexipan tray in the oven at 150C for 2 minutes will sterilise it and make it perfectly hygienic.

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