November 26, 2008

Philippine Daily Inquirer features the Sonlie Team - Reggie Aspiras

Kitchen Rescue
Where to get non-stick baking pans

By Reggie Aspiras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Posted Thursday 11/12/2008

NIZETTE wrote me many moons ago asking me for baking mold suggestions. I didn’t have a brilliant answer then.

Though I’ve been using silicone pans/molds for years, the prices I get are far from friendly and are justifiable only because I make a living out of them.

I understand Nizette’s frustration. Nothing could be as disappointing as toiling in the kitchen, making sure that everything is done perfectly, then, once the batter is on the pan, the cake remains stuck to the baking pan.

Those who bake know what I am talking about!

But finally, I have found my favorite baking pans/molds—

Demarle Flexipans!

I swear by them. The first time I used them, the sheen of my cakes were exceptional: lacquer-finished! Didn’t stick at all! And it seems to be getting even better each time.

Flexipan is a combination of silicone and fiberglass, which gives it its exceptional non-stick properties.

I am not saying they are cheap, but they are surely worth every penny. Way cheaper than my previous brand, with fantastic results! And if you feel there’s no need to ice your cakes, they will still look 100-percent, professionally done.

How to take care of silicone pans

Filling. Put your Flexipan on a baking sheet or grid before filling it.

Un-molding. Simply deform the mold or lift the edges for smaller shapes.

Cleaning. Simply soak in hot water using a non-abrasive sponge and a non-aggressive detergent.


Maybe you can help make my Christmas wish come true—to sell fancy donuts here in our province. I like baking but have very little knowledge with yeast breads and since I am just starting out, I cannot afford a consultant or franchise. Maski po recipe is fine. I can test if I will be successful.

Hope you could help me out. Merry Christmas po!



I thank you for my new-found pans, Junboy! Because of your letter, I contacted the baking team of Sonlie that I have somehow lost touch with.

Last time I recall having worked with them was for my Halloween bread masks. Recently, I found out they are now the exclusive distributors of Demarle Flexipans!

Sonlie is a company that imports and distributes baking supplies, molds, Saf-Instant Yeast, chocolates, etc.

These men will make your dreams come true. They actually train those who are interested in opening a bread/pastry-based business, for free. They are the perfect start-up team to aid you in your bakeshop, and in your case, Junboy, donut business. So, “donut” worry! With their help, you “donut” have to wait too long to succeed!

I wish you all the luck, Junboy! Ito, maagang pamasko, a donut recipe plus glaze recipe variations. Merry Christmas din sa‘yo!

If you need further help, or if you wish to buy their products, call 09177943117 / 09178322332.

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