August 14, 2009

10 Breads from Hong Kong

HONG KONG - If you have visited this amazing country, then you will know that this is a place of great sights, heavy shopping, and of course, good food! Lesaffre, the head company of our product, Saf Instant Yeast, gave me the opportunity to have an intensive three day training on their breads with one of Hong Kong's premiere restaurant chefs, Mr. Dick Cheung, who is now associated with the company.

The following are ten sweet breads, all made from one dough. They are commonly found in regular bakeshops around the country. Notice how presentation plays a big part in their finished products.

#1: Tuna Bun

Before baking

#2: Raisin Twist

The Raisin Twist is quite challenging to make, you first have to roll the dough to form a letter 'C' shape and roll the two ends together. Warning, results may vary from the picture. :)

Raisin Twist

#3: Pineapple Bun

Nope, there is no pineapple in the recipe. The pineapple bun is called as such because its topping makes it look like one. It usually comes with different kinds of filling inside.

Pineapple Bun after proofing

The topping of the bun reacts to the heat of the oven right away

After Baking

#4: Cinnamon Walnut Roll

Applying Cinnamon Sugar and chopped walnuts

Before Proofing

After baking

#5: Ham and Cheese Bun

The Ham and Cheese Bun is very simple to make, yet looks very presentable.

Don't worry, there's still some cheese left inside the bun.

#6: Butter Sesame Roll

The Butter Sesame Roll is very inexpensive to make. Simply brushing the dough with butter and sprinkling with salt before rolling it helps keep the bread's moistness.

#7: Meat Floss Bun

In this recipe, we changed the typical presentation of the floss bun by putting it inside the dough.

Adding mayonnaise and sprinkling parsley over the proofed dough gives this bread a better presentation and added flavor after baking.

Meat Floss Bun

#8: Chocolate Custard Bear Claw

Traditional bear claws use danish pastry for its dough, giving it a rough texture. Since we are using a sweet dough for this recipe, then maybe the name Lady Bear's Claw would be more appropriate with its feminine look.

#9: Coconut Red Bean Bun

Hong Kong in a bun! The filling is made up of desiccated coconut made into a custard and red bean. Both ingredients (coconut and red bean) are widely used in many Cantonese desserts .

Cutting a design on top of the bun

Mexico paste and butter crumble is added as topping

#10: Salad Cheese Stick

My favorite! A ton of mozzarella cheese and mayo on this dough makes a melt-in-your-mouth bread.

My thanks to the members of Joesonway Company Limited and Lesaffre Far East for their warm welcome and wonderful hospitality during my training in their baking center!

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