August 6, 2009

Two Master Chefs Grace the Sonlie Building

On June 2, 2009, two talented chefs visited our humble home here in Pasay. They exhibited their talent using the products of Demarle, a company that manufactures non-stick baking mats (Silpat, Flexipan etc.) to hotel chefs, restaurant owners, caterers and the like. Both came all the way from France, where they are well-known people in their industry. Today, they are freelance consultants offering their services for people who wants to put up restaurants and bakeshops (for a very high price). Fortunately, i got the opportunity to work with both of them when preparing for the event.

First is Chef Pascal Tepper, he is a man with a few words, or at least that's what I think because he could hardly speak English. He was awarded as a Master of France or MOF in the Field of baking. It is an award given to a few chosen people once in every three years. His forte is on baking breads, sandwiches but his cakes are also worth a second look.

Chef Pascal Tepper

Working with Chef Pascal is like being in the iron chef stadium! You need to put your guard up all the time. Chopping, slicing, baking, everything must be done lightning quick. And watch out for kitchen knives flying straight at you! But at the end of the day, you will be surprised how many recipes he has accomplished. Truly, a talented man.

Some of Chef Pascal's Products:

Shortbread Pastry with Custard Topping

Herb and Salmon Quiche

Smoked Ham (top) and Salmon (bottom) Sandwiches

The Buffet Table

Before I met Chef Michael Rispe, I read in his biography that he used to be the executive pastry chef of Gordon Ramsay in all six of his Michelin-star restaurants. If you watched the series Hell's Kitchen or The F Word, you should know what kind of stress he must have gone through under Chef Ramsay. But when I met him, he seems like a cool, laid back person who gets along with people very well. To top it off, his skills in making pastries and cakes is breathtaking.

Chef Michael Rispe

Working with Chef Michael is just like hanging out with friends. He likes to talk, share stories, and of course, joke around. But the cool thing about him is that he remains calm, focused and humorous even in tough situations. And by the way, his hand-skills in making and decorating the desserts amazed the participants.

Some of Chef Michael's Desserts:

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Mango Puree Filling

Spring Delight

Coffee-Dark Chocolate Tartlet

This dessert is composed of three layers. The chocolate ganache (frozen) sits on top of a rich coffee cream sauce placed in a tart shell.

Barquette (Vanilla Bean Mousse on Tart Shells)

Passion & Dark Chocolate

Layers of decadent dark chocolate mousse, jaconde sponge and passion fruit puree make one mouth-watering dessert.

Chef Michael, Me and Chef Pascal


Anonymous said...

wow, food looks great. Can I ask for the recipes of these? Thank you. and by the way, i think the asian dude looks great.

Anonymous said...

Both came all the way from France, where they are well-known people in their industry.chefnuggets