August 8, 2009

Bake Like A Pro With Chef Reggie (Part Two)

This week is muffin and pies week. Another feast for me and my sweet tooth...

Strawberry Scones

The strawberry scones will go perfect with any tea. Best enjoyed right out of the oven!

Portuguese Tarts

These tarts are presented the Macao way, which is slightly burnt on top. The Hong Kong way to present it is to underbake the pie, leaving only a bright yellow color on top.

Mud Pie

Presenting the mud pie in a more exciting way, through our Flexipan (Madeleine) molds! It has a rich chocolate flavor and a very dense texture. Served a la mode.

Apple Pie

I took home a slice of this apple pie for me to enjoy while writing this column. Unfortunately, I couldn't do both at the same time. The pie won the battle. It may look simple, but the inside is made up of mostly fresh apples, unlike the commercial ones which uses gelatin to add volume. The full flavor of the apples really stood out. The streusel topping not only gave it added sweetness, but also a good crunch, leaving you wanting more bite after bite.

Corn Muffins (Before Baking)

Corn Muffins

This week, the corn muffins topped with the butter-squash frosting really stood out.

Butter-Squash Frosting

For me, one of the most interesting creations of chef Reggie on day two is this butter-squash frosting. At first, I was curious how squash can be a good frosting for muffins, but by the end of the day, its unique taste paired with the corn muffins completely stood out from the rest. My favorite dish for the class.


Lexy Li said...

great choice of desserts! scrumptious, mouth watering and baked to perfection :D where could we get hold of them? cant wait for your next entries! thanks!

Ryan said...

Thanks! By the way, these were just made in the baking class of chef Reggie Apsiras :)